Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good morning to ;ll all

I'm writing from Gateway Medical, i didnt mention itsincei know most of you don't approve of me selling my body. Plus some of the stunts i have to pull off to get into thease studies. Ive already gaineda couple pounds from al the wieght lifting so i think that made it harder overall, i'm on a 16 week trainingcourseand i'm supposed to gain 10 pounds of muscle. This comes from Jim Ryans , a guy in my office, he used to be a professoinal body builder and we are supposed to start working out together. Great times.


  1. GRRRRR, BOY! You are a father, you have to consider yout future not just the short term!

  2. well I guess it depends what kind of studies... I did a few times for under arm deoderant, so it wasnt unsafe... so what kinda tests they running on ya?