Thursday, April 30, 2009


it's that sort of huh? look that i give when someone stands behind me and takes a picture. Sorry to all those who have now see my butt.

Art that i found on the web

I didnt ask this gentlemen permission to post his art, but i greatly enjoy it. If i knew how to contact him i would have by now. I also included a pic of my guitar. A PRS SE 22 Custom, Thanks mom. So yeah back from lunch, i think theres some kind of mold on the mustang i'm allergic to because every night i work on the car, that next morning and through out the day i'm dying with snot and sneezing, so i think i'm going to start wearing a hepa mask or something.

Weekend Warrior

I used to lift weights all the time. Like, all the time, i took alot of different things to try and push my self, chemicals, drinks, and diet drugs. This was when i was 15 i think, i made my life about lifting, well i tried this same routine again in my life about 6 months ago, and all that happened was that i slept. Really all i did was sleep, my damn body was so sore and tired that it just couldnt keep up with the "pills" and such. My only thing now is running, i run every day, and i eat like an idiot, so i would say thats a happy meduim right? Monday i'll put up more pics of the Mustang, it should be well on it's way. I thought it needed a tranny, but i'm on the good side of saying that it dosent.

It's 6:48 here, to early, I'm drinking my watered down coffee with creamer, a friend and I went into Wa-Wa once and bought these creamers french vanilla and irish cream i think are the flavors, i dont remember why we bought it but we drank them straight, on our way home, i think we both got about half threw these half gallon containers and had to through them away cuase they where going to make us through up. It's was bad, so never drink coffee creamer staight no matter how good it seems at the time.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coffee and guitars, both cost to much

"I'll never look that cool again" hahah
I never could drink coffee striaght. i alwasy have to put a ton of creamer or something in to it, just to stand it. I do enjoy my coffee in the mornings but most probably wouldnt enjoy the way i take it.

I weighted in last night, i was 204.2 thats 7 pounds in 2 days. All water weight of course but it got me below the mark to get in.

I'm finding it harder and harder to pay my bills, each month seems as if theres just not enough money in the world for me to be able to pay ALL my bills plus keep up on things for the family. My wife is very decent about understanding when we are broke, but she spends a little to much time on the net at home and she's always finding these "deals". On things like Cloth daipers and fabric to make more cloth diapers. Witch is fine, Jennie needs a hobbie as well.

Here lately Mr. Zac has decided that he needs to use the computer, we dont let him since we only have one and we have had very bad results in the past. I hope to buy jennie a laptop in the future and when we do i'll set the other computer up for zac downstairs in the basement. I'm sure that won't be for quite a while. I didnt use, nor have a computer of my own till i was in my teens, like 14 actually. That was when i thought i was a rock god, and all i wanted to do was to play my guitar, to bad i sucked.
These days i play a PRS guitar, i'm quite luck seein as there some of the top of the line, i play an SE, it's the low model but still expensive, i can thank my mom of all people for that.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A little late in the game

I got into the office today at 6:00, i have a wiegh in tonight so i needed to get here early so i can leave and i'm starving since i havent eaten much. Well really i have eaten more then i should have but i take in a huge amount of calories and the miniute i deprive my self of any such food my body goes into starvation mode and i feel like i havent eaten in months. Yesturday i ate the broth from my soup for lunch, and we had potato soup for dinner. I finished the night off with peanut butter on celery. Today i get 10 cheese cubs and 2 carrot stick's. one glass of water a day while running 4 miles in a plastic sweat suit and taking laxitives to get rid of any weight my body maybe holding on to. it sucks, it feels like the life is being drained out of you.

And thats not even the study yet. I'll get stuck 41 times a weekend 2 weekends in a row. so. yeah, money.

Monday, April 27, 2009

There on there way

Thats what my boss just said in the room next to me, there on there way, he's talking about drawings we just sent over to an employee who is defending our scope of work to a client. So yeah, i worked out at lunch, i have a weigh in at gateway tomorrow night, 4:30 i have to be below 210 right now i'm 209, so i'll be running in my plastic bag suite to try and sweat out a few extra pounds just to be on the safe side. For my hieght they say i should weigh in at 175, thats more then 30 pounds. God i wish i was there, but i really have no true self control, food, it's a sickness i swear.

So yeah, i mentioned the mustang, bought it for 300 bucks, and it's already coming along great with just the items i ahve amased in my garage, i'm hoping to have it done by the time the baby is born, July 22 2009.

i havent really talked about my kids,

Rylen, My daughter, 18 months full of piss and viniager

Zac, Step Son, 7 i yell at him atleast 100000000000 times a day for the same thing. This week "Chew with your mouth closed"

Adilyn, My next daughter, -13 weeks already scarring the daylights out of her mother

so yeah full house right?

Another day with to few dollars

So i spent my nice weekend mostly in the sun. I hope you all enjoyed it as well. Jennies hasnt felt the baby move in a few days so shes going to the doc this morning to get a few tests done to insure theres no issuse.

I got the hood of the mustang completely sanded and primered for paint, also i changed the oil and filled it with gas, only to realize the altenator is bad. I would charge the battery, and it would charge enough to keep the car running for about 5 miniutes but as soon as you turned on something else, like the radio or hit the brake lights the car would start to chuge and die. But i did get a few awsome burnouts in my wet drive way.

So yeah, i slept way to little this weekend and got way to much done / Normaly i use my weekends as a downtime, hit the mall, drive a little, and well sleep as much as possible. Today i'm starring at mechanical drawings looking for our work in over 1000 drawings for a energy plant in illinios. Fun stuff i tell ya, the kind of fun that makes craiglist worth reading the best of a second time. So ya

so till after lunch. asta.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Morning Glory

Craig's list post of the day:

"Does anybody know WTF this guy is rambling about? Is he talking to himself? Is he the same guy who makes fun of Down's Syndrome kids and plays at coffeehouses? Why does he seem so angry?"

Well i've gotten here to work at about 6:30 all week, and then not left till 5:30, i know there are people out there who don't mind that and work it daily but when you are salaried it kind of sucks.


Listening to: Interpol, Interpolantics

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mid way throught the day

This is about the time in my day I start getting bored of work and wanting to screw off. So i search the web, google image search has a well worn place in my heart, as well as numourus forums for cars and music i like to visit and read.

So heres a few: theres no batter place for used shit some of the best movie news out there owned by the same guy as iwatchstuff and run by him as well this is an awsome web site. It runs like photo shop and it's free, saveyour pictures for future use or just screw around, it's great.

So thats about the daily grind. I dont find much more on the net that i havent prowled over and already bored with. Games are out cause there to loud. Interactive anything is just about out becuase it takes to much focus and it looks like i'm trying my hardest not to work when the boss pass by my office.


Listening to: Eye Alaska

Cars and Bars

So, all out there in the great world that is the web. I just started this blog, and plan on trying to keep up on it. I will talk about music, cars, and life.
Here you see a picture of my new toy. 1989 Mustang convertable, she dosent look like much yet but she will soon. It has a 331 in it, as well as a 5 speed tranny (that needs to be replaced). So yeah, buy for peanuts, and plan to sell if to much more. I'll post some pics of the tranny removale and work being done if anyone cares.
I can't wait for this weekend, i got lots of new saki over the weekend and i can't wait to open it while i tear this beast apart.
Listening to: Trivium, Shogun, F*ing insane.