Monday, April 27, 2009

There on there way

Thats what my boss just said in the room next to me, there on there way, he's talking about drawings we just sent over to an employee who is defending our scope of work to a client. So yeah, i worked out at lunch, i have a weigh in at gateway tomorrow night, 4:30 i have to be below 210 right now i'm 209, so i'll be running in my plastic bag suite to try and sweat out a few extra pounds just to be on the safe side. For my hieght they say i should weigh in at 175, thats more then 30 pounds. God i wish i was there, but i really have no true self control, food, it's a sickness i swear.

So yeah, i mentioned the mustang, bought it for 300 bucks, and it's already coming along great with just the items i ahve amased in my garage, i'm hoping to have it done by the time the baby is born, July 22 2009.

i havent really talked about my kids,

Rylen, My daughter, 18 months full of piss and viniager

Zac, Step Son, 7 i yell at him atleast 100000000000 times a day for the same thing. This week "Chew with your mouth closed"

Adilyn, My next daughter, -13 weeks already scarring the daylights out of her mother

so yeah full house right?

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  1. Whats up with the weigh in's? You doin Jenny Craig? I dont know how your surviving on so little food... I have no self control that way lol... if Im hungry i will eat. I thought about doin the atkins diet again... I always lost weight when I do it... just lotys of meat and no vegi's or carbs for the first few weeks.