Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A little late in the game

I got into the office today at 6:00, i have a wiegh in tonight so i needed to get here early so i can leave and i'm starving since i havent eaten much. Well really i have eaten more then i should have but i take in a huge amount of calories and the miniute i deprive my self of any such food my body goes into starvation mode and i feel like i havent eaten in months. Yesturday i ate the broth from my soup for lunch, and we had potato soup for dinner. I finished the night off with peanut butter on celery. Today i get 10 cheese cubs and 2 carrot stick's. one glass of water a day while running 4 miles in a plastic sweat suit and taking laxitives to get rid of any weight my body maybe holding on to. it sucks, it feels like the life is being drained out of you.

And thats not even the study yet. I'll get stuck 41 times a weekend 2 weekends in a row. so. yeah, money.

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  1. Back to the bad studies again huh?. I wish you didn't need to do this. It does not sound healthy for you.

    Also, there was a study that showed that eating very little did not help you lose weight because your body stores everything when you do that and it just adds weight. A big breakfast is also now recomended to lose weight as it lets your body not crave things or go into "starvation mode" as you called it.
    Please be careful and don't kill yourself for a bit of money, it is NOT worth it! Drink more water!! If you end up dehidrated it does not help!