Monday, July 13, 2009

Mustang Update

the hood isnt closed and the headlights are just sat in place

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Been a while

it has been a while, i'm still hear eating my soup for lunch, cambells healthy choice, it's alright i guess. Anywho, just thought i would say hello. My good friends tristan and don stopped in for a tick on thursday, it was a nice visist. Here's hoping next time we have more of a game plan. All in all it was good to plan thing by the second cause they left quickly on friday, only for us to find out there was a free Counting Crows concert at the arch late that night. We would ahve never found out had they stayed. Not that i would have been mad, it's just cool how things turn out. So yeah,

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Week 1

Just a couple pics of the man muscles, not much, just getting started, i can already see a difference, but only time will tell what it will look like in 10 weeks. I havent noticed a "CUT" difference but only a bulk difference, once agian it's early in the program.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Any of the lyrics that are (--) that means they are whispered in the background by another voice, i'm not sure if thats going to be my vioce on the recording or not. I don't have music or even a real song idea for this yet, i do have the vocal melodie in my head and i know how this song will be structured. Converting from Guitar to voice - to voice to guitar, is something that dosent work for me. I noticed how bad my grammer was in the last post, i blame that on the pills and lack of sleep (armodafinil) a drug used in improving the wakefullness of sleepy patients (it's a controled substance - an upper). With a side effects lists as long as the wall of china, even a rash that causes death, if not treated, has been reported. They could have just told me that and not given the drug and i would have been up thinking i was dying.

The drug did work, we got up yesturday at 3:30 AM, my table mate and i got up before everyone else (only by 5 min), we dosed shortly after AND by 11:30 to 12:30 i was having a very hard time falling alseep. Thats not me at all, i always fall alseep within a few seconds of lying down. I almost dont even like telling poeple, i'm afraid the more poeple i tell - that i will jinks my self and neverbe able to fall alseep again.

(Title, got me, give me one)

Taking down these mountains
where angles once stood
(we all look how we feel~)
This night your guardian angle
sits close to your side
(does she know how to whisper)
(does she know when to hide~)
This place
i thought i reconized you
but you where caughtin the tides~

Just a 4 letter word, that you hide behind
I am violence, I am Hatred, This void heart of mine

Did you think this heart
could hold another bullet for you
taking down the mountains
where angles once stood
Just a 4 letter word, that you hide behind
I am violence, I am Hatred, This cold heart of mine

Castles we build tall (do you know what it's like)
just to gain some control (to be slowly forgotten)
all those cards we were dealt (another full hand)
when I thought we should fold (he's my begotten)

But these castles we build tall
fall and leave us exposed
you're enticing, and inviting (taking me in)
as you take off your clothes
for my hearts in repose~

Just a 4 letter word, that you hide behind
I am violence, I am Hatred, This open heart of mine

Did you think this heart
could hold another bullet for you
taking down the mountains
where angles once stood
Just a 4 letter word, that you hide behind
I am violence, I am Hatred, This dead heart of mine

Then I am screaming,
you say you can't hear me
when I whisper,
you say speak more clearly
As I embrace you,
you just try to get away
If I tried to leave you alone
you'd just block my way

Chorus Just a 4 letter word, that you hide behind
I am violence, I am Hatred, This White heart of mine
Did you think this heart
could hold another bullet for you
taking down the mountains
where angles once stood
Just a 4 letter word, that you hide behind
I am violence, I am Hatred, That i'm leaving behind

Good morning to ;ll all

I'm writing from Gateway Medical, i didnt mention itsincei know most of you don't approve of me selling my body. Plus some of the stunts i have to pull off to get into thease studies. Ive already gaineda couple pounds from al the wieght lifting so i think that made it harder overall, i'm on a 16 week trainingcourseand i'm supposed to gain 10 pounds of muscle. This comes from Jim Ryans , a guy in my office, he used to be a professoinal body builder and we are supposed to start working out together. Great times.

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Look

Heres some pics taken wiht my cell phone of the stripes on the car, there not doen yet theres a couple little ones to put around the car and on the trunk but ya get the point. Still need a fender and a few more parts and then she goes up for sale.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sirens at Dawn - CD name

I'm kicking around the ideas for my music and what I'am going to use as an album art work and the back cover, i have a few good ones, and some not so good. Funny i barley have anything recorded yet, never mind having the cd ready to give to poeple. Here is what the finished cd cover should look like. Ya never know it might evolve into somehting else by the end of the game.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Body Building

Thankfully i have a Gym here at the office or else i would be a fatty, i mean i was kinda a fat guy and now i have lost close to 60 pounds and still going but at the moment i'm starting to gain a little back seeing as i have started a very aggressive lifting reg. I plan on taking supplemts and creatine, theres a guy here in the office who actually competed with Arnold, thats right, and he owns his own Gym. He has specials every month on supplemts and he said i could get a months for free to see if i like. We'll see.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The panic of titanic

Just sounds to good to be true right? like it was destined.

I've been working on alot of stuff for the new project 2 for Joy, nothing i think any of the readers of this blog would like but ya never know, i was joking with jennie last night what i'll say to the reporters when i'm sitting in the press conference.

They'll say "So russ how would you describe your sound?"

I would say "It's a tight mix of hardcore, and melodic metal, with jazz and blues influences, alot of odd key signitures and timings. With accoustic break downs and full on accoustic songs to fill in the mix.

I think i might somewhat start doing this on a regular basis, erstoring cars that is, just light restorations, paint cleanings, minor to major motor work. I think my next might be a Bug, i love bugs, did you know i owned a bug.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mustang pics

Almost finished, i still need to install the trim and paint the bumpers, i have a few odds and ends taht need to be taken car of but soon she'll be in the road.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Spent the say on sat at the science center and let the kids play. it was cool we met a ninja turtle. pics - -

Jennies starting to come around again, only after my constant begging and nagging. love ya jen.

Friday, June 5, 2009


just thought i would say hello before the weekend, i WILL have the car done this time. I've wanted to put up picture after picture of other cars and how they look and things i wanted to mimic but then i think you'd have a already pre-conceived notion of what it should look like so i thought i would just wait and WOW you all.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just a tease

Theres still ALOT of work to do , but this is where im at so far. go back and look at the color of the car originaly compared to now.


once i finish the mustang i'll post pictures . . . . yeah well i didnt finish it since im not feeling that well, but i'll try and get more done this weekend. Once i finish the mustang this is going to become a music blog for my project, 2 for joy. i'll post clips and pieces of music, and lot of midi files.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Post of the day

The 5 steps of an Hydrogen Bomb

I will have nearly completed pics of the mustang on monday, i put the last coats of paint on last night. It was a bad night to paint, it was to cold and the paint wouldnt flash so it kept running, i had to work alot of runs out, what should have take 45 miniutes to paint took over 3 hours to make my was round the whole car. Mean while i can hear jennie yelling at Rylen to to and such.

Allergies are at it again. I wanna tear my face off. If it didnt make me sneeze every 3 seconds i would'nt be that bad off but i'm tired of sneezing and i would put money on the fact that every one in the office is tired of hearing me to. (Along with the sniffling and snorting of snot)

Not much planned for this weekend, tomorrow i'm going to a guys house to pull parts for the mustang, " take anything you want" he says, "it's just a junker" he says, we'll see what he thinks when i have half the car taken off and ready to be loaded into my car.

I'm tired of my hands being white and black from the paint.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hate, the kind of hate that i consider my life

so yeah i say daily how i hate my life, i think everyone does on one level or another, there are just those things i wish i could but i can't no matter what i think is right.

Jennie is pulling away more and more. It's like a daily thing it would be like one of those profit graphs that showed high profit in the thousands and now the graph spikes at the bottom of 2. i drew a picture to represent how i feel. She thinks i'm the women in the relationship since i think it's important to talk about things and express who we feel, but she'd rather clam up and hate everyone for nothing.

and we'll fall beneath, at the back of my heart
and fail to breath, until we resurface again
- Dear hunter -

Feel free to use this graph i have created in your own desription of hate.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Been a while

Almost a week i think since i posted last, i kinda fell out of rythem with posting here since there's only one who reads,

i am almost finished painting the car, i'll have pics up later this week, my allergies are finally starting to relax, pollen season is passing thank god for small favors. Painting the car has been a huge undertaking seeing as all the runs and fish eyes that i've had to work out. The paint im using is different then i'm used to and it goes on extremely wet and wants to run the second it hits the car, so you just have to work with it.

I painted most of the trim and got it ready for the car as well. so it'll all be back together sooner then later. I ended up buying the car from the guy, i was just going to trade him, but i paid him the 300 over the last couple months, so i'm going to finish the car and then sell it for about 3,000. pay off more of are rent seeing as i didnt do my studie. i just didnt feel up to it. Funny enough he was buying all the paint and supplies so really i just paid him back for the stuff he bought for the car.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The day goes on

allergie attack agian, it sucks big time. Not much to say, day goes by, allergies flare up, i feel like shit and then i go home to Jen. Who can be rather grouchy. Today she is sick, and wishes i was home to take car of her, but im not. pluggin away at the puter.

If you get the chance look up the song Smiling Swine, by The Dear Hunter, great stuff, there new cd is coming out, hopefully i can get a ripped version of it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i gagged on a hotdog

well i wouldnt say gagged, more like choked eating a hotdog for lunch today, gotta chew that shit better. The family went Strawberry picking, it was cool. spent about 20 dollars in strawberrys and had a great time. pics - I hate how zac thinks he needs to be funny in every single picture i take. it really pisses me off that he cant just be in the photo, that he needs to over act a simple fucking picture. yeah he's 7 still.

Friday, May 15, 2009


thats right sapt, did you know i wear heaing aids? there old and they are out of adjustment but i wear them every so often, i dont hear the consinites (sp?) in a word. or atleast i dont hear them well. So i say what? alot and can you say that agian? not because i cant hear you, but because i cant tell what your saying half the damn time.

There really sensitive as well, i can hear someone stapling there paperwork like 3 offices down, it's so loud sometimes, if i had to hear half the shit all the rest of you ahve to hear and put up with i would go crazy. It's nice to just hear the ringing of my own ears and not the clacking of the key board, or clicking of all the mouses.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i laid her down on the bedsheets of broken glass

^^^ lyrics from a new song i've started, lots of inspiration these days. I found a band called "The Dear Hunter", man good stuff thats for sure. We'll theres only 2 people who visit this, Jen dosent even read this at all nor the friends on myspace i've sent links to. So i'm jsut talking to my self.
3:00 rolls around and i swear i'm fighting sleep. Everyday at that time, it's crazy, i could put my head down on my desk and fall asleep. if only for a moment.

i suck at lyrics and they where an embrassment to have up so i removed them.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Round 2

i finished most of the body work, and i sanded all the cancer (Rust) off the car, so here it is, couple more weeks and she'll be finished.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Everybody's workin' for the weekend

So the mustang is nearing completion. Time flys, i still have the majority of the body work to accomplish but i plan on getting that done this weekend. Then is will just be primer, paint, and clean clean clean. I actully had to take the seats out of the car and power wash the interior and seats using a heavy duty degreaser. It was really gross, but atleast it dosent stink anymore.

Jennie is getting crazy about shit for the baby, diapers, clothes and such. Who can blame her, but she wants all the stuff set up now and we still have 3 months to go, mind you the baby is living in are room since we only ahve a 3 bedroom house. So theres no space as is and she's nesting and making it worse, i know thats the way it will be once the baby is born, but for now i wish she would take a break.

I am the king of run-on sentences.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Todays day in history

so if you have an example of something cool that happened today, i'm all ears cause i dont.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just another day

I'm looking foward to my 2 weeks off when the baby is born, i think that will be the best part about having anoter baby, the 2 weeks off. dont get me wrong i'm grateful for my child and having another girl, i'm just ready not to come into work for a longer period then 2 days ya know?
sleeping in, playing video games, spending time with the kids. Sounds like a plan to me, also just to be with jen would mean alot to me as well. seeing as we normaly fight on the weekends it would be a nice break.
When we had rylen i insisted to the nurses that i needed a pull out couch, but they assured me that a pull out chair would do me well. Boy where they totaly wrong, and never agian will i listen to nurses. " pull out couch or bust " is gonna be my modo.

Friday, May 1, 2009


this is a digitaly inhanced photo of jupitur, isnt is just compelling, thinking this is out there some where? it's insane, completely insane, to bad i wont live long enough to see it in person and neither will you.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


it's that sort of huh? look that i give when someone stands behind me and takes a picture. Sorry to all those who have now see my butt.

Art that i found on the web

I didnt ask this gentlemen permission to post his art, but i greatly enjoy it. If i knew how to contact him i would have by now. I also included a pic of my guitar. A PRS SE 22 Custom, Thanks mom. So yeah back from lunch, i think theres some kind of mold on the mustang i'm allergic to because every night i work on the car, that next morning and through out the day i'm dying with snot and sneezing, so i think i'm going to start wearing a hepa mask or something.