Friday, May 15, 2009


thats right sapt, did you know i wear heaing aids? there old and they are out of adjustment but i wear them every so often, i dont hear the consinites (sp?) in a word. or atleast i dont hear them well. So i say what? alot and can you say that agian? not because i cant hear you, but because i cant tell what your saying half the damn time.

There really sensitive as well, i can hear someone stapling there paperwork like 3 offices down, it's so loud sometimes, if i had to hear half the shit all the rest of you ahve to hear and put up with i would go crazy. It's nice to just hear the ringing of my own ears and not the clacking of the key board, or clicking of all the mouses.


  1. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?? You complain no one reads this but I do and I comment and you never respond to the comments.

  2. i didnt know i was suposed to comment back.

  3. LOL, well, if I asked a question, how do I know your answer? Also, I comment back on mine!