Friday, May 8, 2009

Everybody's workin' for the weekend

So the mustang is nearing completion. Time flys, i still have the majority of the body work to accomplish but i plan on getting that done this weekend. Then is will just be primer, paint, and clean clean clean. I actully had to take the seats out of the car and power wash the interior and seats using a heavy duty degreaser. It was really gross, but atleast it dosent stink anymore.

Jennie is getting crazy about shit for the baby, diapers, clothes and such. Who can blame her, but she wants all the stuff set up now and we still have 3 months to go, mind you the baby is living in are room since we only ahve a 3 bedroom house. So theres no space as is and she's nesting and making it worse, i know thats the way it will be once the baby is born, but for now i wish she would take a break.

I am the king of run-on sentences.

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