Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hate, the kind of hate that i consider my life

so yeah i say daily how i hate my life, i think everyone does on one level or another, there are just those things i wish i could but i can't no matter what i think is right.

Jennie is pulling away more and more. It's like a daily thing it would be like one of those profit graphs that showed high profit in the thousands and now the graph spikes at the bottom of 2. i drew a picture to represent how i feel. She thinks i'm the women in the relationship since i think it's important to talk about things and express who we feel, but she'd rather clam up and hate everyone for nothing.

and we'll fall beneath, at the back of my heart
and fail to breath, until we resurface again
- Dear hunter -

Feel free to use this graph i have created in your own desription of hate.


  1. :( Russ, you have got to find some way to change that. She needs to talk with you and work out problems or you two will split up and you will have 3 kids hurt! While you are not Zacs biological father, you are the only one he knows and if you tow break up he sill be hurt most. Next Rylen will be a real problem as I know you adore her and trying to share her with an ex will never be good for either of you. And the new baby is just starting and will need you both.

    I know you have tried and I know she pushes you awy, but you have to do something to get her to open up and to work things out!

    I Love you!

    See you the last week of June (I hope)

  2. grrr last post didn't stay.... Relationships are hard, and they involve work and sacrifice. Now ya have to forgive Jennie she is pumped up on hormones cause she is pregnant Im sure its not helping things. But you guys need to sit down and talk.. maybe pass the 2 kids off to someone else so you can be alone to talk undisturbed.