Friday, May 29, 2009

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The 5 steps of an Hydrogen Bomb

I will have nearly completed pics of the mustang on monday, i put the last coats of paint on last night. It was a bad night to paint, it was to cold and the paint wouldnt flash so it kept running, i had to work alot of runs out, what should have take 45 miniutes to paint took over 3 hours to make my was round the whole car. Mean while i can hear jennie yelling at Rylen to to and such.

Allergies are at it again. I wanna tear my face off. If it didnt make me sneeze every 3 seconds i would'nt be that bad off but i'm tired of sneezing and i would put money on the fact that every one in the office is tired of hearing me to. (Along with the sniffling and snorting of snot)

Not much planned for this weekend, tomorrow i'm going to a guys house to pull parts for the mustang, " take anything you want" he says, "it's just a junker" he says, we'll see what he thinks when i have half the car taken off and ready to be loaded into my car.

I'm tired of my hands being white and black from the paint.

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  1. Sorry about the alergies and I sympathise (I know I have them also, not to bad so far this year yet). I thought the car was supposed to be fun and relaxing for you to do. Sounds like frustration and work to me.