Tuesday, June 2, 2009


once i finish the mustang i'll post pictures . . . . yeah well i didnt finish it since im not feeling that well, but i'll try and get more done this weekend. Once i finish the mustang this is going to become a music blog for my project, 2 for joy. i'll post clips and pieces of music, and lot of midi files.


  1. Whatever a "midi file" is...

    So, what is the picture from this time?

  2. a midi file is like what you hear when your cell rings, well if you dont have "real" tones or the old style video games, i have a program that lets me compose music and it plays it back in a midi file.

    the picture is of the notebook tour, you could send like 5 dollars to this place and they would send you a note book. you drew in it and then sent it back. after the fact they toured the states with these books letting poeple view only a couple pages form each one. I enjoyed the clouds out of this piece.