Thursday, June 11, 2009

The panic of titanic

Just sounds to good to be true right? like it was destined.

I've been working on alot of stuff for the new project 2 for Joy, nothing i think any of the readers of this blog would like but ya never know, i was joking with jennie last night what i'll say to the reporters when i'm sitting in the press conference.

They'll say "So russ how would you describe your sound?"

I would say "It's a tight mix of hardcore, and melodic metal, with jazz and blues influences, alot of odd key signitures and timings. With accoustic break downs and full on accoustic songs to fill in the mix.

I think i might somewhat start doing this on a regular basis, erstoring cars that is, just light restorations, paint cleanings, minor to major motor work. I think my next might be a Bug, i love bugs, did you know i owned a bug.


  1. Owned as in past tense? I always liked Bugs too, even though I am not a big car person, they were always kinda neat (the old ones, not the new ones). I rode to Pennsic in one once, a bit tight but not as bad as I thought it would be.

    As for the music, I look forward to hearing some of your stuff.Have you ever listened to any of Roger Taylor or Queen's solo stuff? I like it alot and have all his solo CDs.

  2. i owned (past tense) a 1965 VW with a 1956 frame it was a great car, not right for me though to drive on the daily. Some it is a greaet car for that me. Not so much.

    I have not listened to any of it yet i was planning to in the future but i'm sure you wont like my stuff one bit.