Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weekend Warrior

I used to lift weights all the time. Like, all the time, i took alot of different things to try and push my self, chemicals, drinks, and diet drugs. This was when i was 15 i think, i made my life about lifting, well i tried this same routine again in my life about 6 months ago, and all that happened was that i slept. Really all i did was sleep, my damn body was so sore and tired that it just couldnt keep up with the "pills" and such. My only thing now is running, i run every day, and i eat like an idiot, so i would say thats a happy meduim right? Monday i'll put up more pics of the Mustang, it should be well on it's way. I thought it needed a tranny, but i'm on the good side of saying that it dosent.

It's 6:48 here, to early, I'm drinking my watered down coffee with creamer, a friend and I went into Wa-Wa once and bought these creamers french vanilla and irish cream i think are the flavors, i dont remember why we bought it but we drank them straight, on our way home, i think we both got about half threw these half gallon containers and had to through them away cuase they where going to make us through up. It's was bad, so never drink coffee creamer staight no matter how good it seems at the time.

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  1. Boy! You have done so much to that poor (but cute) body of yours. It is the only one you have and it needs to last many many more years (you have kids now and I KNOW you will want to see them grow up). Please take better care of yourself. Think before you take ANY medication or do anything that might damadge that body, Or mind. You are one of a kind and the world would be worse if you left it.
    I know I am lecturing like a "dad", but hey...