Monday, April 27, 2009

Another day with to few dollars

So i spent my nice weekend mostly in the sun. I hope you all enjoyed it as well. Jennies hasnt felt the baby move in a few days so shes going to the doc this morning to get a few tests done to insure theres no issuse.

I got the hood of the mustang completely sanded and primered for paint, also i changed the oil and filled it with gas, only to realize the altenator is bad. I would charge the battery, and it would charge enough to keep the car running for about 5 miniutes but as soon as you turned on something else, like the radio or hit the brake lights the car would start to chuge and die. But i did get a few awsome burnouts in my wet drive way.

So yeah, i slept way to little this weekend and got way to much done / Normaly i use my weekends as a downtime, hit the mall, drive a little, and well sleep as much as possible. Today i'm starring at mechanical drawings looking for our work in over 1000 drawings for a energy plant in illinios. Fun stuff i tell ya, the kind of fun that makes craiglist worth reading the best of a second time. So ya

so till after lunch. asta.

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