Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mid way throught the day

This is about the time in my day I start getting bored of work and wanting to screw off. So i search the web, google image search has a well worn place in my heart, as well as numourus forums for cars and music i like to visit and read.

So heres a few: theres no batter place for used shit some of the best movie news out there owned by the same guy as iwatchstuff and run by him as well this is an awsome web site. It runs like photo shop and it's free, saveyour pictures for future use or just screw around, it's great.

So thats about the daily grind. I dont find much more on the net that i havent prowled over and already bored with. Games are out cause there to loud. Interactive anything is just about out becuase it takes to much focus and it looks like i'm trying my hardest not to work when the boss pass by my office.


Listening to: Eye Alaska

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