Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coffee and guitars, both cost to much

"I'll never look that cool again" hahah
I never could drink coffee striaght. i alwasy have to put a ton of creamer or something in to it, just to stand it. I do enjoy my coffee in the mornings but most probably wouldnt enjoy the way i take it.

I weighted in last night, i was 204.2 thats 7 pounds in 2 days. All water weight of course but it got me below the mark to get in.

I'm finding it harder and harder to pay my bills, each month seems as if theres just not enough money in the world for me to be able to pay ALL my bills plus keep up on things for the family. My wife is very decent about understanding when we are broke, but she spends a little to much time on the net at home and she's always finding these "deals". On things like Cloth daipers and fabric to make more cloth diapers. Witch is fine, Jennie needs a hobbie as well.

Here lately Mr. Zac has decided that he needs to use the computer, we dont let him since we only have one and we have had very bad results in the past. I hope to buy jennie a laptop in the future and when we do i'll set the other computer up for zac downstairs in the basement. I'm sure that won't be for quite a while. I didnt use, nor have a computer of my own till i was in my teens, like 14 actually. That was when i thought i was a rock god, and all i wanted to do was to play my guitar, to bad i sucked.
These days i play a PRS guitar, i'm quite luck seein as there some of the top of the line, i play an SE, it's the low model but still expensive, i can thank my mom of all people for that.


  1. Everyone (well almost everyone) has that money problem to one degree or another.
    You say you didn't have a computer till you wre 14 but I remember your brother at 4 or 5 having his own stuff on the computer and knowing how to use it (better than I do now). If you teach Zac what is allowe dand not and reward him for doing right things, you should be able to set him up with a computer and get acceptable results.

    By the way, reward or denial of desert or snaks or food he really likes could solve the "eating with his mouth open" problem. If he chews with his mouth closed for a whole meal he gets something he likes. Try it, it couldn't hurt!

    Oh, and you don't "suck" at playing guitar, I have heard you and you are not bad.

  2. Yeah buddy, money is tight all the way around. I havent had a raise in a year and a half, and not looking at getting one for another year. Been at my job for over 4 years and the way the economy is not worth startin as low man on the totem pole when the economy is the way it is. Best thing is try to work up a budget to pay all the important things and just try to stick to it... it does suck but maybe it will get better in the next year or so. I know a few ppl who have taken on a part time job just to bring in a little more... just a thought.