Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cars and Bars

So, all out there in the great world that is the web. I just started this blog, and plan on trying to keep up on it. I will talk about music, cars, and life.
Here you see a picture of my new toy. 1989 Mustang convertable, she dosent look like much yet but she will soon. It has a 331 in it, as well as a 5 speed tranny (that needs to be replaced). So yeah, buy for peanuts, and plan to sell if to much more. I'll post some pics of the tranny removale and work being done if anyone cares.
I can't wait for this weekend, i got lots of new saki over the weekend and i can't wait to open it while i tear this beast apart.
Listening to: Trivium, Shogun, F*ing insane.

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